Security and Defense

We have professionals in analyzing aspects of defense and data security, including devices and software, datacenter security, encryptions strategy, cybersecurity, and black hackers, as well as control access systems for any building and any areas.

A New Era of Security

We recognize the importance of keeping your staff, clients, and property safe. New Era brings together a diverse array of state-of-the-art security solutions to ensure the safety of your environment. We take a holistic approach when reviewing potential threats to determine the best solutions for your business.

  • Our in-house team of experts has extensive experience in the development, implementation and management of security programs.
  • Create a unified security system with a single user interface to manage your security solutions.
  • Build a strong network to ensure a reliable and secure connection to accommodate a robust security system.

Access Control

If threat actors can’t get into your network, the amount of damage they’ll be able to do will be extremely limited. But in addition to preventing unauthorized access, be aware that even authorized users can also be potential threats. Access control allows you to increase your network protection by limiting user access and resources to only the parts of the network that directly apply to individual users’ responsibilities.

Anomaly Detection

It can be difficult to identify anomalies in your network without a baseline understanding of how that network should be operating. Network anomaly detection engines (ADE) allow you to analyze your network, so that when breaches occur, you’ll be alerted to them quickly enough to be able to respond.

Email Security

As with DLP, email security is focused on shoring up human-related security weaknesses. Via phishing strategies (which are often very complex and convincing), attackers persuade email recipients to share sensitive information via desktop or mobile device, or inadvertently download malware into the targeted network. Email security helps identify dangerous emails and can also be used to block attacks and prevent the sharing of vital data.

Web Security

Generally speaking, wireless networks are less secure than traditional networks. Thus, strict wireless security measures are necessary to ensure that threat actors aren’t gaining access.

Anti-Malware Software

Malware, in the form of viruses, trojans, worms, keyloggers, spyware, etc. are designed to spread through computer systems and infect networks. Anti-malware tools are a kind of network security software designed to identify dangerous programs and prevent them from spreading. Anti-malware and antivirus software may also be able to help resolve malware infections, minimizing the damage to the network.

Application security

For many attackers, applications are a defensive vulnerability that can be exploited. Application security helps establish security parameters for any applications that may be relevant to your network security.

Security Services & Solutions

The convergence of security solutions around IT and networking technology has dramatically enhanced security system features and functionality, and at unprecedented price/performance. Cloud Technology specializes in the integration of complex security components to deliver complete Command and Control across all the technologies available.

Our portfolio of defense and public safety solutions ranges from industry standard and specialized video surveillance technology, air and terrestrial mounting assets such as aerostats and towers to satellite earth stations, VSAT terminals and land, marine and avionic voice and data communications infrastructure.  We deliver complete solutions, including command and control centers configured to our customers’ requirements on fixed, mobile or transportable platforms.

We are also able to provide specialist aerostat, radar, imaging and lawful intercept and wireless direction-finding equipment through our US affiliated company, Cloud Technology Federal Systems, which is ITAR registered.  All of these products are fully maintained and supported by our experienced in-country technical teams.  In Iraq, for example, we have over 40 engineers and technicians deployed throughout the country.

Security Tools, Software & Resources

It is predicted that by 2021, cybercrime damages will amount to an annual total world cost of $6 trillion,1 even outpacing the yearly cost of damages attributed to natural disasters. And on an individual company level these damages can be just as catastrophic; the average cost of a cyberattack is currently $1.67 million,2 with operational and productivity loss, along with negative customer experience, being the primary consequences of suffering an attack.

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