Over 18 years of experiences working for and with telecommunication companies, we are the stronger service added value integrator to provide SP’s, ISP’s, and telecommunication’s companies with multiple VAS solutions to increase their value and customers.



Cloud Technology understands that, in today’s world, effective data communications are the key to ensure the reliable dissemination of information. Communication solutions depend on highly adaptive and resilient data center, network infrastructure and information security platforms to deliver timely information accurately and securely.

Number one works closely with our telecommunications, service provider, government and enterprise customers to design and deploy complete ICT solutions tailored to their specific requirements.  We partner with world-class vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft and Dell to deliver these solutions.

Our solutions are comprehensive, and range from municipal-scale wireless and national fiber infrastructure, to the latest unified voice, data and video communication systems. All of our solutions include training, maintenance and support options to ensure trouble free operations of your communications and network infrastructure.

Value Added Services

By giving consumers a more advanced digital experience, you will be able to encourage them to pay for the content, whether through a subscription or a one-off payment.

Cloud Technology solutions help digital content providers to generate revenue on mobile devices. Available anytime, anywhere, our solutions can be used across multiple devices (smartphones, tablets or PCs).


The Middle East Oil and Gas sector continues to grow rapidly to meet increasing worldwide demand.  The Iraq Oil and Gas industry in particular is currently going through very rapid expansion, as recently formed Joint Ventures with the Iraq Regional Oil Companies are expanding operations to meet Iraq’s aggressive oil production targets (from the current 2.1 million barrels per day, to a targeted 8-12 million bpd by 2017).


Cloud Technology is assisting this growth by providing a broad and innovative range of critical communications and security infrastructure and business solutions.  These range from Life Support Camp Infrastructure, providing essential communications and security for the estimated 30,000 oil workers expected to be resident in the Iraq Oil Fields over the next few years, to providing critical Digital Oil Field communications to assist with Exploration and Production. Support software, systems and services such as Oil and Gas-specific ERP and ECM solutions complete Cloud Technology’s portfolio.


Cloud Technology is in an ideal position to support this effort, with over 40 trained Iraqi engineers and technicians on the ground and operating from offices in Baghdad, Basra and Sulaymaniyah.  Cloud Technology is number one Iraqi registered operating entity.  Cloud Technology Federal Systems is an ITAR-registered company that assists with the importation of US-regulated security and defense systems.


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